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This page is regularly updated with our most up-to-date events, both current and upcoming!

April 25th-27th: Spring Fling

Join us for our 6th annual Spring Fling event under the Main Street Pavilion!

It's that time of year again! Time to clean out that garage, barn, storage shed, or spare bedroom! Don't store it! Sell it!

Spaces are 11' by 14' and are only $45 for all three days!

Over 40 vendors will attend with repurposed and restored furniture, antiques, arts & crafts, collectibles, yard sale items, and our favorite... LOTS OF OLD JUNK!

Call The Chicken Coop Flea Market for more info! (479)233-2328

Or visit our Facebook! www.facebook.com/TheChickenCoop.GentryAR